SCSP CNY Caring Visit to Old Folks Home

10 Feb 2018

This year for Chinese New Year, students from SJKC Aik Hua, SJKT Tasek Permai and SK Batu Ferringhi went to an old folk’s home and gave the old folks a good massage therapy.

We arrived at the old folks on a Saturday morning, with a truck load of groceries and household items for the old folks residing in the home, all thanks to the great effort and contribution from the Parents Teachers Association of SJKC Aik Hua. The Parents Teachers Association had managed to collect so much daily items and household goods that we even managed to divide and donate to 3 other old folk’s home.

Teachers of SJKC Aik Hua had come up with several activities that allows the students to interact with the old folks, they played games like passing the parcel and partnering up with old folks for charades. Later on, the teachers held a mini tutorial session for the students and then it was the student’s turn to give out massages to the old folks. It was a day filled with fun and laughter.