SCSP Green Ranger Programme @ Entopia, Penang

9-10 Feb 2018

Last year, a group of 30 students from SCSP Penang made a visit to Entopia the butterfly farm in Batu Ferrnghi in Penang. The students learnt so much about the ecosystem and insects and replies in particular. As we have received great response from the participants, we have decided to work with the team in Entopia once again this year for another trip to Entopia.

This year, instead of only spending half a day in the butterfly farm, we have decided to spice up things a little and introduce camping to the students of Setia Caring School Programme. Camping sounds like a lot of fun isn’t it? Yet, we had carried out the camping part with a little twist- instead of sleeping in tents out in the wild, these students slept in sleeping bags in the tents the Entopia team set up indoor in the dome.

Apart from the usual day time activities, these students got the chance to learn and experience the behind-the-scenes operations of Entopia. The students enjoyed the night farm tour and definitely had a lot of fun carrying out the group activities.

From the 2 days 1 night camp, these students were put through an experiential and immersive learning journey in the butterfly farm to understand nature and it’s wonder a little better. Besides, this camp was a great avenue for the students from different schools to learn to bridge the gap and work together to foster new friendships that shares similar experiences with themselves.