SCSP Science SPARK Camp @ Arus Academy

9-11 March 2018

30 students from Penang spent 3 days in the ARUS Academy participating in the SPARK camp carefully curated by the team behind ARUS academy.

The core objective behind SPARK is to allow the students to explore and create through a series of tutorials on story-telling methods and basic coding. Current environmental issues were introduced to these students via videos and simulation games; students were able to be aware and understand phenomenon like global warming, oil pollution in the seas etc.

For 3 days, these students were taught the basic steps of coding using Scratch- learning how to express and tell their stories using the Scratch programme, turning thoughts into words and visuals. With the environmental lessons in between the coding modules, these students were challenged to create a game of their own that is environmental-themed.

From coming up with an idea to drawing up a story board and designing the different levels in their very own game, these students were engrossed in coming up with their own projects. On the final day, these students were given time to go around and play others’ game then they would need to vote for their favorite game. The most voted games creator was gifted with a small token by ARUS Academy.