Rumah Jagaan Wargatua Maimunah, Batu Pahat Visit

June – 2018

10 Team Setia Volunteers from Property South, 40 Students and 8 teachers from SCSP adopted schools visited Rumah Jagaan Wargatua Maimunah, Batu Pahat.

Daily goods and groceries were donated to the Old Folks Home.Students and Team Setia volunteers spent the morning with the old folks; a photo frame and card making session with the old folks was held in conjunction of Hari Raya.

Lunch was prepared and served to the old folks by the students. Some of the students even sat down with the old folks to have their lunch together. Before leaving, all the students queued to salam the old folks, allowing them to learn the Malay culture a little better during the festive celebration of Eid.