SCSP Penang Raya Visit

June – 2018

30 students FROM SK BATU FERRINGHI, SJKC AIK HUA, and SJKT TASEK PERMAI made their way to Pusat Jagaan Darul Hanan at Kepala Batas to spend some time and celebrate Raya with the old folks.Groceries and daily goods were brought and donated to the home.

Students from SJKC AIK HUA prepared a raya-song for the old folks whilst students from SJKT TASEK PERMAI performed a dance for the old folks.

The raya celebration continued with a mini game session, the students were divided into groups together with the old folks and they were tasked to separate the various spices in a plate. Dried chillies, cinnamon, black pepper were amongst the spice-mixed. It was a fun activity and a good conversation aid, the old folks shared about the name and the dishes you can make from these spices and the students were fascinated.

The celebration ended with a scrumptious lunch, students and teachers started bringing the food to the old folks and made sure they all had food served in front of them before the students and teachers had their lunch.