2 February 2018

"There isn't such thing as an underachieving student, every student can achieve something if the teachers, parents and community can find the students strength", Madam Teoh Poh Yew.

Continuing our partnership with Creative Wizards (CW), we have started the year with a teacher’s training in Johor. 30 teachers from SK Kota Dalam, SJKT Kulai Besar, SJKC See Long and SK Felda Bukit Permai had made their way to the Teacher’s training with CW over the weekends.

Mdm Poh Yew’s teaching philosophy had always been about understanding how the students learn and find adequate ways to teach them, through the workshop, Mdm Poh Yew had shared fun games and activities that can be carried out in classrooms to engage students’ attention in learning complicated mathematics concepts.

It was interesting as there were quite a number of teachers who attended the training who do not teach mathematics in schools. They had shared that the teaching techniques and philosophy behind the methods shared are transferable and applicable to other subjects as well. For instance, there was an activity that required the teachers to work in a group to arrange the wooden sticks in a way to be able to withstand weight on the top. The teachers shared that it is a great activity that can be replicated in class as it encourages communication (speaking English/ Malay/ Mandarin) and allowing students to learn to work together.

Towards the end of the training, Mdm Poh Yew had opened the floor for questions and feedback. Many teachers shared their insights on the challenges faced by the teacher and some teachers who had attended the teacher’s training last year in 2017 thanked Mdm Poh Yew for the tips and skills she had shared.