14 March 2018

Learning can happen at any time and anywhere. Not only teachers are responsible to educate students, parents to play a role in teaching their children through informal learning at home. Thus it is important for parents and teachers to connect with the relationship between teachers and parents can directly influence the student’s learning. Through understanding and communication than can parents reinforce the lesson taught by teachers in school and vice versa.

Due to the great response from the school, Setia Foundation had brought back the Hydrotherapy for the students with special needs from SJKC Aik Hua. The first session was conducted at Setia Spice Arena and was attended by all the students enrolled under the Special Needs programme. Invitations were also extended to the parents of the students to attend the hydrotherapy sessions.

Swim coaches in Spice Arena conducted a series of activities in the pool, these activities and games involved body movements and coordination to improve muscle awareness and ability to utilize body movements. Teachers and parents were also involved in the activities to strengthen the bond and trust with the students.

The students had a great time being in the pool; the arena was filled with the energy of these students and you could tell they were all exhilarated to be in the pool. Parents of the students were happy to spend time with the students and teachers; whilst the teachers get to be with the students out of a classroom setting where the students feel more relaxed.