Aqua therapy with SJKC Aik Hua @ SPICE Arena

June – September 2017

Setia Caring School Programme is a programme for all, inclusion is one emphasize we take seriously. In Penang, we have some significant number for students with special needs participating in our programmme. Thus, activities planned and organized by Setia Foundation are always carefully design to be able to include students with various background in the activities.

Aqua therapy for children with disabilities, in addition to improving strength and flexibility, also focuses on body awareness, sensory integration, motor planning, and learning how to move muscles in new ways. The pool is a perfect space for aqua therapy as it is safe and the water can relax the kids Being the only primary school in Penang that provides education for students with special needs, we had utilized our resources and got in touch with SPICE Aquatic Center to arrange Aqua therapy sessions for students with special needs.

These students were put into groups and had been tasked to carry out various activities including tele-match in the pool; human hamster ball etc.

It was indeed a great activity for the school as through the aqua therapy, the interaction between the teacher and students during games and activities had helped in fostering trust and bond between teacher and student outside of classroom. This will definitely helped bring the students closer to their teacher.