Arts & Crafts Activity with PDK Hulu Kelang

7 December 2015

As Setia volunteers were involved in the art of quilling in the preparation of door gifts for 16th S P Setia Foundation Charity Dinner, the volunteering spirit did not stop there and it continued to spread to the less fortunate community. S P Setia Foundation brought Setia volunteers to help the disabled group of residents from Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Hulu Kelang to earn a living through the art of quilling.
Registered under the social welfare department, PDK Hulu Kelang houses a disabled group of residents who are keen to explore the art of quilling. This form of art can potentially turn into a source of living as the residents can make and sell handmade quilling products, including Malaysian-inspired souvenirs.
With the volunteers’ creativity and dedication, Setia volunteers from the central region were involved in conducting face-to-face quilling tutorials with the residents while volunteers from the northern and southern regions conducted video demonstrations as a reference for the supervisors and residents.