Arts & Crafts Activity with Pupils: Art of Quilling

14-15, 18 September 2015

As arts and crafts are part of the building blocks of child development, the Foundation also believes that the two elements are a form of unity that can bring people together regardless of age, race, creed or religion. Therefore, the Foundation has brought together Setia volunteers, teachers, parents, and most importantly the pupils from three schools under the Setia Caring School Programme to learn the art of quilling.
Quilling, also known as “paper filigree”, “paper mosaic”, and “paper lace”, has been practised since ancient times. The delicate art of quilling involves rolling, sculpting and gluing thin strips of paper to form patterns or objects. Setia volunteers taught students from three schools to make different patterns of quilling for various purposes. These include a simple “Thank You” card to teachers and friends as well as producing “Thank You” door gifts for all guests at the 16th S P Setia Foundation Charity Dinner.