The Inclusive Caring Art Programme (TICA)

March 2017

Setia Caring School Programme is an initiative that advocates for Caring- instilling empathy, caring, tolerance and awareness for not only ourselves, our friends & family, the surrounding and the environment.

The team in Setia Foundation has got in partnership with an inspiring individual, Mr Muha Aziz- Muha has lost his sight and hearing when he developed a sickness; Muha was a school teacher before he fell sick. Nonetheless, he did not let his disabilities hinder him from continuing to give back to the community. Together with Muha, we had catered a programme for the students with special needs under the Setia Caring School Programme. TICA is tailored for the students with special needs to help the students to enhance the sensory skills.

Muha travels to Johor and Penang on a monthly basis to run activities for the students with special needs together with the school teachers- activities ranging from simple aerobics, to moving across big spaces and responding to music and commands are carried out to allow these students to experience and be familiarized with their sensory skills. On top of that, these students will undergo trainings and practices conducted by Muha to put together a performance by the end of the year.

Together with Muha, the Setia Foundation team is looking forward to the performances by these students at the end of the year.