Deepavali Visit

28 October 2017

Honoring the old is looked heavily upon in SCSP; visiting the old folk's home during every festive season is a tradition we take pride in. Students of SJKT Tasek Permai, SK Batu Ferringhi and SJKC Aik Hua had made a visit to an old folks home in Butterworth, Penang to spend some time with the old folks for Deepavali.
It was a little trip down the memory lane for the old folks as the students were given board games to play with the old folks. Some students were teaching the old folks to play the game, some were helping the old folks make their moves on the board- you could see these old folks smiling ear to ear as they interact with the students.

After a few rounds of board games, the teachers of SJKT Tasek Permai had prepared colored rice for the students to create kolam with the old folks. Students from SJK C Aik Hua and SK Batu Ferringhi were amazed by the colorful rice and can’t wait to start making the kolam. The students and the old folks were given a white paper to outline the design desired and then everyone started pouring in with colorful rice onto the paper. It was especially heartwarming to see the students holding on the old folk’s hand to help the old folks reach the paper to pour the colored rice.

Just like every festive visit, the day ended with the students helping to serve lunch to the old folks and they bid goodbye to the old folks after their meal.