English Program with Cikgu Normah Nordin in Johor

25 February 2017

Similarly to the English Story Telling Workshop carried out for the teachers in Penang, a series of theatre workshop focusing on improving the confidence of the students to speak English was conducted. The workshop consists of 6 classes, once a month students under the Setia Caring School Programme Johor will gather in a classroom to participate in the workshop.

"One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it-you have no certainty, until you try." – Sophocles. It is true that until you are being put to test then you will be able to tell if you have truly mastered something or not. Similarly,

This workshop series is divided into 6 parts and is carried out once a week. Through these 6 classes, Cikgu Normah Noordin will be engaging the students to carry out theatrical activities such as simulating a group choir and encouraging students to utilize their newly learnt English terms during the activities thus improving these students’ confidence in speaking in English.