English Storytelling Workshop with Ms Shanthini Venugopal Part 2

15 July 2017

It has been about 5 months since the first workshop with Ms Shanthini, after testing out the content delivery technique shared in the first workshop in school, our teachers in SCSP Penang is ready for the follow up session.

Gathering feedbacks from the teachers, they have expressed their interest in a more specific workshop looking into teaching and handling students with special needs.

Ms Shanthini introduces a few activities to the teachers that would allow the students to be more aware of their movements as well as relaxes and calms students down.

Few weeks prior to this workshop, Ms Shanthini has given a task to the teachers- to conduct an individual story telling session utilizing props and tools, without any help from other individuals.

The teachers each had their turn to tell their stories and feedback was given by Ms Shanthini. Through this workshop, the teachers were able to better explore creative methods to teach as well as to be able to expand their knowledge on educating students with special needs.