18 February 2017

In a world of exponential advancement in technology, we at Setia Foundation are constantly seeking for continuous development especially for our programmes. Looking at a greater scale of impact, we had opened up this opportunity to the teachers of our adopted schools under SCSP to enhance their teaching skills and together generating greater changes for our students.

This time around, we got in touch with Shanthini Venugopal, a veteran in theatre, singer, actor, director, and teacher. Shanthini Venugopal founded The Jumping Jellybeans (JJB) which specializes in production for children in 2000. Since then she shares her theatre training with students with learning disabilities. With her expertise in content delivery through story telling methods, we had partner up with JJB to carry out an extensive workshop for the teachers, to utilize story telling as a method of teaching.

The story-telling workshop was divided into 2 parts; the first half of the workshop was conducted focusing on the various creative methods to teach in general whilst the second half of the workshop will be more towards understanding and handling students with special needs/ disability.

After the first workshop, the teachers were tasked to use these newly learnt methods to conduct their lessons back in their respective schools and later on come back to complete the second half of the workshop. Shanthini not only handed out notes and modules to the teachers, she also reassured that should any of the teachers need further explanation or guidance throughout the tasked period, she will be available for the teachers to get in touch with.

As for us back in Setia Foundation, we are looking forward to meet these teachers and listen to what they've got to share with us the next time about their experiences using these new content delivery methods.