Green Ranger for SCSP Johor

May 2017

Previously, we have briefly featured one of our partner in Johor in the article on the official launching of the Green Ranger Garden in SK Felda Bukit Permai, this time around, let’s get to know FOLO a little better and the programmes we have planned for our students in SCSP Johor.

FOLO stands for Feed Our Loved Ones; the FOLO farm is a family-run farm that aims to feed the world nutritionally power packed vegetables. As their name suggest, FOLO’s vision is to feed their loved ones with healthy giving veggies and microbes as well as feed hearts and minds through creating a community space for activities.

In Setia Caring School Programme, we had worked with FOLO to develop a 6-classes series called the Green Ranger programme for students from SK Felda Bukit Permai, SJKC See Long and SJKT Kulai Besar. The curriculum for the Green Ranger Programme covers compost, understanding plants, specific plant parts and their function, understanding vegetables, and the role of water and soil in planting.

Through these 6 classes, students will be getting hands on experience on plating micro greens, making food waste compost, planting in different beds. Currently, FOLO Garden is completed, 4 out of 6 classes have completed. Students made progress in expressing themselves and interest of learning about farming.