SCSP Penang Children's Day

09 November 2017

Helium Balloons, games, clown and a magic show- the perfect recipe to keep kids happy for the day.

On the 9th of November, SCSP Penang celebrated Children’s Day with the students from SJKC AIk Hua, SJKT Tasek permai and SK Batu Ferringhi.

The event was held in SPICE Arena, filled with balloons of all sizes and shapes, the space were decorated to the theme of Zoolander- balloons mimicking animals and trees. All te students were in awe when they arrived at the place, even the teachers can’t hold back but to take out their phone to snap away in this beautiful space.

The students were first given breakfast to ensure they have the energy and nutrient to last them through a fun packed activity day, they were released to go around the hall to play at the game station set up all across the hall.

One of the highlights of the game station is the blindfold basketball game; this station was created to simulate the idea of loss of sight for the students to experience. This is done to encourage empathy and inclusivity amongst all students.

After all the running, jumping and sliding down the slide, the students were all gathered once again to watch the students of The Inclusive Creative Arts Programme (TICA) danced to the current hits “Baby Shark”- it was such a catchy song and dance that other students joined them dance as well.

The celebration was continued with a magic show, which is to no surprise that the students were all very intrigued by the tricks performed. We ended the celebration with McDonald’s happy meal served for lunch and the students was once again blown away with happiness.