SCSP Penang Science- SPARK Camp with ARUS Academy

24-26 October 2017

On 24th-26th Oct, we got 30 standard six students from our schools in Penang out of their daily classes in school and put them through a coding camp: SPARK Camp. Together with ARUS Academy, these students were put on a quest to come up with a game of their own under the theme of environmental sustainability.

For three days, these students went through a series of classes and practical sessions to fully understand the 2 components of SPARK camp- environment and coding. Friends from ARUS Academy definitely did a great job in guiding these students in their learning journey by mixing up different elements and approaches in content delivery.

These students were all equipped with a laptop and a printed module that they can use to practice their coding skills accordingly.

By day 3, the students were all put up for a challenge to create and code their own game following the environmental sustainability theme that they had been learning the past 2 days.

The students were taught the whole process from brainstorming for ideas to drawing their own storyboard for the game to coding and lastly getting the game running. The students all went around to try out each other’s game and the tutors picked out a few students with brilliant ideas and creative stories behind their game as the winner of the challenge.