A Visit to Pusat Jagaan Darul Hanan Pulau Pinang from Property North Volunteers

9 July 2015

To embrace the spirit of giving and caring especially during the month of Ramadan, the S P Foundation team and Setia volunteers from Property North visited the elderly from Pusat Jagaan Darul Hanan Pulau Pinang to reach out and offer support to the elderly. The volunteers also organised a charity drive among the employees and purchased necessities and food items for the elderly. The visit was filled with love and warmth as the volunteers engaged and interacted with the elderly through various activities including playing games and celebrating the Home’s anniversary with the elderly.

If you’d like to find out more about Pusat Jagaan Darul Hanan Pulau Pinang, you can visit http://darulhananpenang.50webs.com/ for more information.