Staying true to the Deed, the Foundation is taking its social responsibilities towards education and national unity to a greater height. In early 2015, S P Setia Foundation embraced the Setia Caring School Programme that was initiated by the Ministry of Education two decades ago. S P Setia Foundation is adopting underperformed schools with aspiration to inspire students, teachers and parents; working with them hand in hand with much care to ensure that the students are surrounded by good role models – caring teachers, parents, peers and to a larger extend, the environment.

This programme aims to cultivate future leaders who are not only academically successful, they are also grounded on positive moral values with high ethical behaviours, possessing empathy for all in a multi-cultural community.

Predicated on the idea of sustainability, the Setia Caring School Programme aims to create an enduring impact on the selected schools even after the completion of the said program.

Six Caring Areas:

Caring for Family

Inculcating caring culture towards family members

Caring for Friends

Inculcating caring culture between friends

Caring for School

Inculcating caring culture towards education, teachers and school facilities

Caring for Nature

Inculcating caring culture towards animals, flora & fauna, natural rainforest

Caring for Environment

Inculcating caring culture towards environment

Caring for Society

Inculcating caring culture towards society and community

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Since 2015, the Setia Caring School Programme was set to promote national unity through a caring concept. We've incorporate activities to inculcate oneness among students, teachers and parents.



We are honored to have YBhg. Datuk Dr. Amin bin Senin Director-General of Education Malaysia, Ministry of Education Malaysia as our patron.


Adopted Schools

Currently we have 7 Setia schools with a total of 2066 students from three states across Malaysia under the Setia Caring School Programme.